Monday’s Best: Releases for April 11th

Four amazing new tracks from albums out on Monday. There’s a load of fantastic records out next week, I’m proud to be a fan with such great diversity like this. Today there’s Holy Ghost!, Foo Fighters, Guillemots and Metronomy!

First up is Holy Ghost! with their debut single, Do it Again. The incredible DFA Records (LCD Soundsystem etc) are putting this New York duo’s self titled album out next week!

Next is a lovely, summery chillout track from the new Metronomy album. The English Riviera is Metronomy’s third and without really breaking away from anything, sounds a bit more mature. There’s some really nice interludes in this record. This one’s called Everything Goes my Way

Third is the lead single from the new Guillemots album, Walk The River. This trippy-pop-rock track is called The Basket

The fourth and final awesome release which is coming on Monday is the huge new Foo Fighters record, Wasting Light, which you can stream here! This is the album opener, Bridge Burning, just to give you a taste.

Have a great weekend and make sure you bop into your local record store in the next week. It’s record store day in 8 days don’t forget!


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