Great Release: Farewell LCD Soundsystem

At the end of this week, one of the most important groups of my youth, hang up their disco ball and bring their career as a collective together to an end. As of the week beginning 4th April 2011, LCD Soundsystem, led by the hugely inspirational James Murphy are retired.

Personally, LCD Soundsystem represent having a great time and it meaning something. Going out and having the time of your life, and upon reflection the next day, going, “yeah, what I remember of that night was incredible.” Being able to call up your friends and knowing that you all shared the same great experiences. LCD Soundsystem’s discography soundtracks my discovery of what real music is, and the euphoria of festivals. James Murphy and band made feel-good indie-dance music with real emotion and feeling that has and will have a huge impact on my life and hopefully the lives of many others and they’ll be missed and celebrated in equal measure as one of the most important bands of my adolescence.

Their last show will be their biggest to date, at the sold out Madison Square Gardens in New York City, the band’s home. It will be streamed through at about 3am GMT on Sunday morning. Be sure not to miss it, I know I won’t. Three near perfect albums will be documented across a three hour musical spectacular from Murphy and co. Expect a disco ball like no other, and jubilant tears.

Forget your past, this is your last chance now
And we can break the rules like nothing will last
You might forget, forget the sound of a voice
Still you should not forget, yeah, don’t forget
The things that we laughed about – LCD Soundsystem – Home


2 thoughts on “Great Release: Farewell LCD Soundsystem

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