Leeds and Reading: “Don’t Watch That, Watch This”

It’s that time of year when all the festivals have shown their hands and with Glastonbury as the undisputed king, it’s up to the others to pick up the pieces. T/Oxegen and V showed their hand early and managed to get some great acts (T and Oxegen if you like music, V if you pretend you do but really ‘relate to’ Plan B) but you can’t avoid the Reading and Leeds announcement day.
Usually, you and your friends guess a fair few bands and eagerly await the rest. Well, today, I found myself telling people that the leaked lineup poster must be fake for a whole load of reasons, however, tonight I that ate my words as Zane Lowe and Festival Republic confirmed what we already knew.
So, incase you’ve been lost somewhere with only my blog’s cold pages for comfort, at this year’s Reading and Leeds are:
Muse, My Chemical Romance, The Strokes, Pulp, Elbow and a whole load more.  Here’s the famous Yellow Poster as of today…

Pretty predictable and bland really isn’t it. I’m a Leeds goer and have been for a fair few years now. My personal music tastes swing me across all of the stages to the point that if I really endulge myself, I don’t even have time to squelch over to an overpriced van for an undercooked burger. This year, I’m sure I’ll be doing the same (even if I am working the festival) only with a slight difference. Last year, I tread across a baking warm site (Leeds was gloriously sunny) trying to pick between bands. This year it seems I’ll just be searching for a band I’ll enjoy that won’t have the wave of over alcoholled Pendulum fans going to see them.

The following questions have arisen in my hour or so staring at this poster. I’d appreciate it if anyone could figure out some answers for me.
Are MCR headlining with 30stm second because FR lost out on Green Day and simply couldn’t find another “rock” headliner?
Are Festival Republic going to keep up their “sub-headliners are a reformed British band from about 10 years ago” trend after the “success” of the Libertines last year?
Who the hell let Liam Gallagher on the bill, never mind let Beady Eye headline the NME/R1 on one awful album?
What on earth is going on with the third day’s organisation of bands?

Hopefully, I’ll have some answers to these and MANY more soon. In the mean time, I have found some really good points!

Death From Above 1979, Madness, Seasick Steve and Jane’s Addiction are bands I would all consider quite hard to get at a festival like RnL. They’re also great bands to have on a lineup because of how brilliant and diverse they all are. Jane’s Addiction will provide an excellent alternative to The Strokes, should the New Yorkers think that their latest album requires playing lots.

The Streets will most probably be playing their last ever UK festival slots at RnL, making for what I’m hoping will be a huge and emotional farewell for Skinner and co. I’d be very happy with them headlining the stage and letting 2manydjs playing into the night to end Reading in style. This said, Elbow‘s majesty and Muse‘s exclusive and huge live shows are not something to overlook.

And finally, may I be the first to suggest. Special Guests…… Foo Fighters secret show?

I’ll keep you posted.


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