New (ish) Music Alert!: Kill it Kid

You may have hear about a band called The White Stripes. Jack and Meg White for the good of rock’n’roll etcetera. Well, if you know that, then you probably know (it’s been pretty hard to avoid) that they’ve decided to call it a day, and pursue other endeavours (Raconteurs, Dead Weather, Jack White – Producer and the list goes on.) This has made some sad 😦
Whilst the loss of such a hugely talented band is a loss, every cloud has a silver lining, and out of this cloud are coming Kill it Kid.

They aren’t a two piece, their five members will each confirm this. None of them are paler than death itself, they’re not even writing the next James Bond soundtrack, but slap my bass and call me Alicia Keys if this group aren’t a rock sound to reckon with.

With their debut album not going unnoticed, yet not really breaking them through back in late 2009, Kill it Kid are returning in March with a new single and an album. Catch them on tour across the country as well throughout February.
Check out for more information.




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