Ask Ten Bears

IF Music’s conducting an interview with Ten Bears next week.

Listed on our 2011 list of bands to watch, the Manchester indie-pop group will be answering our questions and I thought in addition to ours, what would you like to ask them?
The best 2 will be put to the band.
Simply comment on this post with your name, e-mail and question.
Cut off point is Friday at 9am.


One thought on “Ask Ten Bears

  1. 1. What are you music influences? Do you think that you will become an influence for others bands as for the music industry?
    2. When did you guys realized you wanted it to make music and how long have you been together?
    3. What is it that you guys have that the rest of the bands of the music industry don’t have? Do you think your sound is fresh? Are you aware of this or it’s just something you simply don’t think because it might be too cocky or simply because it’s just playing with fire?
    4. You’re about to release your debut album (if i’m not wrong), do you feel any pressure from the media/critics?
    5. Do you have any contacts with the fans? Do you think this contact will change once the album is out?
    6. Which festivals would you guys like to be?
    7. Your video Braces seems like a very exciting young video. who was the director? did you had anything to do with creative side of the video? did you enjoy the making of Braces?
    8. Do you think Manchester is a musical city? What would you change from the musical scene in Manchester?
    9. Do you think the US music market it’s hard to conquer? Or do you think it’s just one of those rumours people like to spread to scare the “new” ones?
    10. What do you think it’s the hardest thing of been a musician or a songwriter?

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