IF Music’s 2010: #1 Album of the Year

We’ve reached my favourite album of the year, and it’s really no surprise. Words by Braden Fletcher

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

A wise man once said to me “Arcade Fire represent more than a band. They represent a whole lifestyle.” I thought it was kind of a crazy thing to say and partially disregarded it, but in the months since I as told this, I’ve started to realise the statement may be based on truth. Every member of Arcade Fire brings something unique to the table. Whether it be front-man Win Butler’s charisma or his wife Regine Chasigne’s continued commitment to Haiti and glorious style and voice. The sense of comradery comes across from Arcade Fire as much as their sheer musicianship does. A fantastic band on record as well as live, the Montreal group put their everything into all aspects of their music. Headlining shows at this year’s Leeds and Reading proved their live worth to thousands who may have doubted, and cemented them as one of the big hitters in modern alternative music. All in all, a pretty solid foundation for a band of the year award, should there be one.

As it happens however, this is my album of the year for the simple reason that it’s a near flawless effort at an album. From the welcome mat of The Suburbs, a track of lost youth and the opening t0 the band’s “letter to and from home”, this album just plays so cleanly from track to track. There may be one or two dull songs in this album, that must be said (Half Light I being the main offender that splits the album into two parts) however the rest more than makes up for this.

Month of may is a rare and powerful step into rock whilst the rest is simply brilliant. It’s an album of any year, and it’s mine for 2010.

Happy New Year everyone.


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