IF Music’s 2010: Top 15 Albums #2

Words by Braden Fletcher, images copyright
Apologies for the lack of continuous countdown, I’ll make up for it, promise. Today’s #2!

Foals – Total Life Forever

Hype band of the year and yet another band with a fantastic second album this year (see Vampire Weekend, Kids in Glass Houses) the Oxford group returned in 2010 with a different sound which their fans stuck on repeat for most of the last 6 months. Foals’ base sound of intricate guitars and huge buildups is definitely still there, you can hear it from the start in Blue Blood, but also present is this most mesmerising ambience which welcomes anyone to listen in. With every piece of instrumentation timed and weighted to precision the likes of Spanish Sahara simply blow my mind. Foals have really gained something somewhere in the last year or so and it’s inspired this crossover sound that brings in elements of post-rock as well as their “mathletics” sound of old.

Total Life Forever isn’t just a new Foals casting off their youth, more a refinement of a sound which adds calm to the storm they create in Antidotes. Shut your eyes for too long and you’ll find yourself in a dream-world, open them for too long and you lose something. If you’re not in the right mood, from about half way in it gets boring, but even when you are, the first 6 tracks are still incredible. Mood allowing, it’s not far from a perfect record, but IF can’t help but think Foals could have done so much more exciting had they wanted.
Listen To: Total Life Forever, Spanish Sahara, After Glow.


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