IF Music’s 2010: Top 15 Albums #3

Into the top 3 and it’s serious stuff now. After rummaging past everyone in post-christmas/apocalyptic sales, I’ve only had a few albums on the iPod to save me, this is one such album.
Words by Braden Fletcher, images copyright of their owner

General Fiasco – Buildings

Suprise! It’s my favourite new band filling the number three slot. In a world in which so much soft-indie and crappy-pop-punk castoff bands are shamelessly thrown at us, one band that have slowly drifted into the radar are so much better than both afformentioned genre’s. The young Northern-Irish group have seemingly taken influence from their peers in each from the likes of Paramore to the fresh sound that Razorlight once had. It’s hard to cite something without making them sound worse than they are, especially when most critics nowadays wouldn’t put this album in a top 50.

I can’t help but fall in love with the catchy lines and lost use feel of the likes of Ever So Shy and Buildings. It’s not angsty, nor at the other end is it free. It’s real. You’ve not got a bunch of layabouts crying about their last 3 or 4 years in a band closing their teenage years with lost romance and pretending to be part of the skins generation, but at the same time you’ve not got an Inbetweeners feel of pretending you’re cool. You get a sense that the trio know who they are, they know what they sound like and they’re sticking to it, even if not everyone will understand.

Having been lucky enough to see this band in three really very different scenarios this year: Sonisphere, Leeds Festival and their headline show in London in November, it’s clear to see that this band matter to themselves as much as they do to everyone that goes to their shows and I’m just happy to have been a part of these great guy’s year and like Buildings as much as I do.

Listen to: Ever So Shy, Sinking Ships, Rebel Get By


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