IF Music’s 2010: Top 15 Albums #4

I guessed you’d be a bit busy to read about my choice albums of the year over the last two days, so now, a bit heavier and with a slightly weaker liver, I’ll resume the countdown.
Words by Braden Fletcher, image copyrighted.

Everything Everything – Man Alive

As the countdown so far suggests, it’s been a good year for new artists. With Maximum Baloon, Crywank, Jonsi and BoB already, it’s time for a new band. Manchester’s Everything Everything are that band.

2010 has brought a few things. First of all, it’s brought a huge lack of the big brit-pop bands of the nineties. With Oasis’ split and Damon Albarn returning to Gorillaz after Blur’s summer in the sun in 2009, the scene’s lay untouched through most of the year. Secondly, the recycling of everything 1980s brought back to life in the form of fresher faces. Everything Everything bridge this gap. Mixing synth-pop with indie style guitars, the Manchester group have travelled the country all year. From tiny venues to an upcoming Academy tour, they’ve deserved the audience gained.
Jonathan Everything’s unique voice and lyrics fit in superbly with each intricate layer of the band’s music.

All of this together has really worked for the group. Right time, right place, right sound, they seem to have everything we need in new music right now. Everything Everything are this year’s #4.

Listen To: My Kz Yr Bf, Schoolin, Suffragette, Suffragette.


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