IF Music’s 2010: Top 15 Albums #8-6

Day 3 brings the next 3 albums on the countdown.
Words by Braden Fletcher, images copyright of their respective owners.

65DaysOfStatic – We Were Exploding Anyway

Breaking away from their purely instrumented sound, the Sheffield group employed the use of assorted synthesizers and went for a more dance influenced electric album. From start to finish, it’s a powerful record of upbeat instrumental rock music. Supporting the singles with a fantastic set of album tracks, which are expertly produced and intricately put together, 65Days have managed to change their style without  changing themselves or the impact of their live sound. Fantastic news for the future then.
Listen To: Mountainhead, Dance Dance Dance, Weak4

Los Campesinos! – Romance is Boring

The third studio album from British outfit Los Campesinos! brings a more refined sound to match the lyrics that have always made the group stand out in their field. It’s hard to say how this is a good album, because at first listen to many people, it’s just another indie pop record, but if you listen more, you hear the brilliance of every single band member integrating to mix together with Gareth’s lyrics to form something that’s truly special. Add to the fact it’s brilliantly produced and you have the #7 record of the year.
Listen To: There Are Listed Buildings, The Sea Is, There is No Flag

The Courteeners – Falcon

Another album that many won’t listen to purely based on reputation. The Courteeners built St. Jude upon lad-rock and the instant success of the likes of Not Nineteen Forever. In Falcon however, The Courteeners have grown up. It’s a soaring collection of tracks from Fray and co. Written off the road and taken from life, not tracks about being the man. Well put together and as powerful in words as it is in huge guitar and keyboard lines, the record is about love, life, home and people and for that reason, IF really hopes that everyone listens to it instead of writing the Courteeners off.
Listen To: The Opener, Good Times Are Calling, Sycophant

Come back tomorrow as the top 5 begins. We’ll slow things down and you’re in for a Christmas and New Years treat with The Playlist.


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