65DaysOfStatic: CAMP Basement, London: 26th November


Words and images by Braden Fletcher


When 65DaysOfStatic tour, they don’t do it normally.  Having played almost every small to mid-sized venue in the country at least once, they are tonight playing The Basement at City Arts &Music Project, which, on the best of days is a rather strange place. Seeming frustrated at the venue organisation and general way their show is being run, the band are clearly up for playing as hard as those assembled at tonight’s late show would expect and hope of them. The Sheffield quartet have had a pretty hard touring schedule over the last year or so and with the releases of both electronically influenced We Were Exploding Anyway and recent EP, Heavy Sky, fans are still eager for more.

The band take to stage after what’s been a tough day trying to set up such a small stage with so much gear with minimal assistance, but they’re here now. Straight in with We Were Exploding’s slow-building Go Complex, they gradually get more lively and the crowd join in. So many people in such a small venue is tough on all involved, but it’s just perfect for a band as intricate as 65Days and as they burst through energetic stints of each track, only to crash down into quieter sections of music, everyone’s moving as they like. Regardless of old or new, recognised or not, every track gets a cheer , and even a glimpse into their non-tour heavy future, probably “not playing London, because, it’s s***” gets a response.

I’m not sure what it is tonight. Whether it’s a late night London crowd trying to win back a band, or an irritated group with something to prove, but something’s lit a match in this venue. It’s very rare that tonight’s gathered are given a break from the relentless upbeat power on stage, and when they are, those with the most energy just keep going. Personal highlights in the manic crush/dance/music that’s played include Crash Tactics and the blissfully wonderful Radio Protector, which itself, like many other tracks tonight, seems to have gained electricity.

After the Japan tour in the new year, the band are retreating to write for a film score and most probably engaging in all sorts of musical and non musical endeavours. Whenever they choose to return, and you get the feeling that it is solely their choice, based on current noise, they could see themselves really step up their venues. Lucky, considering that the only problem with tonight is the venue. Having said that though, the atmosphere inside was incredible, and after playing an encore, and then some more, pushing their set time to almost 2 hours, it’s finally over. As everyone takes a big breath in, the most contradicting gig comes to an end, and I’d do it all again.


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