Kids in Glass Houses with Boys Like Girls: Leeds Met University: 20th November

Kids in Glass Houses at Leeds Met Uni

After playing the Cockpit countless times and having trawled other venues as support acts, Kids in Glass Houses are now moving up to Leeds Met Uni for their headline tour with American imported Boys Like Girls. After the success of Dirt’s new pop sound, Kids have gained a new fan-base without isolating their existing fans. Boys Like Girls are over looking to build on their American success of 2009’s Love Drunk over in the UK. They’re up first and instantly exude energy with their punk-pop sounds similar to that of All Time Low.  Interweaving between Love Drunk and their self titled first album, new catchy choruses are followed by the likes of Hero/Heroine. Mid-set, the acoustic comes out in a seeming attempt to seduce the crowd. Taylor Swift collaborative song Two is Better Than One and Thunder sees the band’s fans swoon and the rest just stand there and wait. Set closer The Great Escape is by far the stand out performance of the show, seeming a timeless track from a band who appear to have been overlooked. Having said this, the end being the highlight says a lot about Boys Like Girls who have spent the last half hour eyeing up the crowd and prancing around like teenagers, whilst playing some catchy music.

So with the crowd warmed up, acoustics aside, Kids in Glass Houses take to the stage with enthusiasm and choreographed precision at opening track Sunshine. It’s a questionable show starter, but in no way shaky as the band begins to rifle through eight tracks from March’s second album, Dirt. The highlight of this is undoubtedly The Best is Yet to Come, which contrary to name really shines in this setting. Powerful guitars, an enigmatic front-man in Aled, and a build up sing-along that leaves so many bands in their dust, Dirt’s fourth single really sets up for a great evening.

Kids in Glass Houses

With little interaction with the crowd, Aled and co thank the crowd for going out and buying their records and finally allowing them a bigger venue for their music before finally playing a few tracks from Smart Casual. Easy Tiger and Fisticuffs are real standouts and it’s probably the most vibrant band and crowd have been all night. New track Not in this World signals a continuation along the lines that the last year has formed, saddening, in the knowledge of how good the band have been in the past.

For the second time this evening, it’s left to the end of the show to blow the venue up. Closing with Saturday before returning to stage with Youngblood, Give Me What I Want and Matters at All, tonight’s finale is a huge on. Destroys any worries in the crowd that the band may be losing their live edge with sheer power and newfound stamina in both attendees and welsh rockers, the end comes with everyone smiling.

When a band write rock tracks as good as Kids in Glass Houses, you’ve got to hope they don’t stop, but with pop and potential chart positions beckoning, it’s hard to see what the future has in store for a band only a few weeks away from a well earned break.


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