We Are Scientists: An UnLtd Event – Village Underground, London – 18th November

Words and images by Braden Fletcher

We Are Scientists

With many music fans descending on Union Chapel for this evening’s Little Noise session, one act are preparing for action at another venue. UnLtd are tonight celebrating their award winners at Village Underground.  Read more about them here. With a real party atmosphere and DJs including Radio One’s Nihal playing in the building, We Are Scientists are tonight’s main entertainment. Keith, Chris and Andy come on stage with an acoustic guitar, shaker, wine and their usual chirpy humour that’s earnt them such live acclaim and begin.

Nice Guys, Rules Don’t Stop and Pittsburgh feature and show that Barbara is a good acoustic album as well as a third solid full LP. Whilst tonight’s crowd is scattered across the three open rooms, most of the 500 or so are within the confines of this area and have congregated around the stage. The laid back style of the evening’s event seems to suit the trio as they’re as bubbly as ever. Acoustic sets seem to be a great way of We Are Scientists to have a good time and still play to an audience they can interact with.

There’s a coconut shy in one of the other rooms in which you can win coconuts (of course, common practice at all events now) and before the end of the set, one is passed up to Andy who proceeds to use it as a shaker for last track, After Hours. For such a small crowd, who admittedly haven’t necessarily turned up for the band, it’s great to see such a reaction and sing along, and after the last breaths of “Time means nothing. Say that you’ll stay” the show’s over. It’s clear We Are Scientists have appreciated such a good reception to the first of two shows this evening and they thank the crowd before they pop off to their set at the chapel.


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